Scorpiana 2: The Quest for Revenge Continues!

Created by Michael Shoemaker

The second issue starring the deadliest woman in comics, Scorpiana!

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New Project, and Translites
4 months ago – Sat, Jan 30, 2021 at 07:33:55 AM

Hey, all you Scorp-a-maniacs!

The first order of business with this update is to thank you once again for helping bring Scorpiana #2 to life. These things don't happen without your help, and everyone involved is grateful beyond words. The adventures of Elena Santos will continue this year, with a late spring/early summer target date for issue #3. Be ready!

Next up is letting everyone know that the senses-shattering climax to Outpost 426's newest project, Into the Suck, by C.B. Zane and Keith Thomas, launches today at 6:00 PM EST!

Into the Suck

If you've followed the adventures of Ursula Stormholder and her crew to this stage, you can't miss out on the finale! Here's the link -- click through and climb aboard!

Finally, you probably noticed that we offered translites in the last campaign, which in case you've forgotten are durable, clear prints that can be backlit like the art you see on pinball machines for a very cool effect. Some of you ordered them but maybe weren't sure how best to display them (custom translite frames can be pretty pricey), or would have if you'd known how. I submit to you a cheap, awesome way to do it! Here's how mine turned out:

Translite - Unlit
Translite - Lit

Here was my solution. I got a super-thin LED light board (normally used for tracing pictures) from Amazon (there are many to choose from) for about $20. I put a couple of adhesive plastic sawtooth hangers on the back and put a couple of screws in the wall to mount it. It plugs into a USB charger (not included) that I stuck in a socket to power it. I used a little of that clear, adhesive Alien Tape stuff to affix the picture to the surface. Boom! Backlit art! There's a model that costs about $10 more that has little magnets you can apply to the corners for easy/quick swapping of artwork that you might consider as well:

Magnetic A4 LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad 4 Light Box

Anyway, there you go. I hope it gives those of you with the translites an idea of how to get the most out of them, and show those of you on the fence how they can really spruce up your décor. Look for more such options in the future!

Anyway, take care, and I hope all is well. Don't forget to check out Into the Suck! It's gonna rock!

- The Outpost 426 Team

New book launching in one hour!
4 months ago – Fri, Jan 29, 2021 at 01:34:49 PM

Hey Scorpiana fans,

I am excited to announce that Into the Suck #6 launches in one hour!  It is my epic space adventure featuring the alluring but rough-around-the-edges, privateer, Ursula Stormholder!  It is the exciting conclusion to the 6 issue story arc and features this amazing line-up of covers :

In addition, two special covers will be released week 2 and week 3 respectively!  I hope you all will come and check it out!

All the best!

--CB Zane

Update on the Translites
4 months ago – Sat, Jan 02, 2021 at 11:16:53 PM

Hey there, Scorp-a-maniacs!

We've been getting word at Outpost 426 HQ that people have been receiving their packages, and we're very pleased by the response thus far. I guarantee you that the best is yet to come for Elena Santos and her friends -- and enemies! I want to thank everyone for their patience as the US Postal Service has had to deal with both COVID as well as shipping an untold number of packages for the Christmas season. I'm hopeful that the last of any shipments will be in your hands in short order, and if they aren't, let me know and I'll see about getting tracking numbers. You will get what you ordered, I guarantee it!

Related to this, I just wanted to let everyone who ordered translites know that we are working on getting those produced and in your hands. The company that prints the comics couldn't make them so we are contacting one that can. The order for those should be placed early this week, and with any luck, they'll be out to you quickly. We will keep you posted!

Anyway, take care, and happy new year to everyone!


Scorpiana 2 is on its way! Happy Holidays and a shout out!
5 months ago – Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 05:42:35 PM

Scorpiana 2 is shipping!  Look for it in your mailboxes!  Just in time for the holiday season!  Sepaking of which - Mike and I and everyone involved with Outpost 426 Studios want to wish you all happy holidays. peace, health and offer our gratitude for believing in this project!

Lastly, as an act of gratitude - with less than 22 hours to go - please check out my friend's kickstarter project... it features my artwork and a lot of other talented artists as well.  Not to mention, it's a kickass story with heart!  Listen to what creator Russell Allen has to say about his novel, "says it was a tearjerker and a fast paced ride that was fun to follow. I’m here to stay and I’ll keep pushing forward, this story needs to be told. Book 2 is in the works and it’s going to be a blast. Help make a dream come true and enjoy a great book here at hours to go and almost 50% funded. This project means the world to me and I’m proud of the accomplishment of putting it out there. Please take a chance on it, I promise you won’t be sorry. 10 years of thought, blood, sweat, and tears were put into it. The story is amazing and will take you on a wild ride, the characters will find a place in your heart and keep you wanting more. This isn’t just a sci-fi story, but a grand adventure through many different genres. A human story! Please check it out, back it, share it, and become a part of the Xenonanite Titan universe. Endorsed by
Brian K Morris
as a book you need to read,
Phillip Russertt
said it was a heartwarming adventure that was more realistic than most sci-fi books, and
Wendy Steen Shaner

Plus you get 9 different digital comics from creators once the project funds!"

All the best!

CB Zane, Michale Shoemaker and Outpost 426 Studios

Fulfillment has begun!
6 months ago – Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 10:46:08 PM

Hey everyone!

I got some great news from series artist CB Zane today: the fulfillment of issue #2 has begun! He's gotten his share of the books and he says they look fantastic. I believe everyone will be very satisfied with their orders. Happy holidays, everyone!

And speaking of the holidays, if you're looking for something special to stuff your stockings with, how about a selection of stunningly sexy prints starring none other than the Mistress of the North Pole herself, Ms. Claus, as rendered by Scorpiana artist extraordinaire CB Zane? 

Ms. Claus - Mistress of the North Pole

Do you prefer Ms. Claus with dark hair?  Are you all about the redheads?  Or does the seductive silver mane look best? Can't decide?  Get all three! Send a direct message to CB Zane on Facebook or email him directly at to get yours. Orders close on December 11th so they can arrive by Christmas! Sorry, but domestic/US orders only.  Shipping included.

Take care,